Monday, August 29, 2011

{Wedding Inspiration} A Burlesque Themed Wedding!

{Written by Cortney Stanchfield; Inspiration Board Credit: Cortney, A Day To Remember}

Well hello's me Cortney again and I am back to talk about an incredibly sexy wedding theme that has sparked my curiosity! :)

I fell in love with the music video "Lady Marmalade" featuring Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mya, and Pink, as well as Christina Aguilera's newest movie "Burlesque", also starring the amazing Cher. I thought to myself, how amazing would it be to have a "Burlesque/Moulin Rouge" themed wedding? This wedding theme is definitely for the rebellious bride that isn't afraid to step out of her comfort zone! I think it makes for a very dramatic, romantic and unique wedding! A "Burlesque" themed wedding is best suited for an evening wedding and will be sure to keep your guests talking! :)

To recreate the "Burlesque/Moulin Rouge" environment, your best bet is to find a venue that will lend itself to a unconventional feel, something on the dark and bold side. Houston lends itself to some great venues for this look: Hotel Zaza or The Majestic Metro Theatre.

To create a true "Burlesque/Moulin Rouge" vibe, you will be want to use dark rich colors {think red and black}. However, you will want to incorporate touches of gold and/or ivory, to add a touch of elegance to your special day. A great way to dress the venue: Go with black table linens, accented with some gold plate charges and props. For the flowers, use lots of red in your centerpieces. Some great flowers to use: Black Magic and Black Beauty roses. Like I mentioned earlier, for that added touch of elegance, incorporate some gold to the mix, with either gold sateen napkins or napkin rings, and lots of candles.

Not a big fan of red and black? No problem! As I mentioned before, to achieve this "Burlesque/Moulin Rouge" theme, we want rich and bold colors. Some great jewel tones you can use include dark green, royal purple, burgundy, royal blue and dark teal. This color palette will add more color to your evening but still help to create the same classic look. Some great options for your table centerpieces include the use birdcages or tall gold or black candelabras to help give you that true vintage, yet dark look. Of course, for a last detail, don't be shy and incorporate the feathers!

Now, let's chat about wardrobe. What do you wear for a Burlesque themed wedding? The ideal dress is a fitted upper body corset! Oohh la la! ;) As for the wedding dress color... that is totally up to you! You could wear the classic white wedding dress, a white dress with black or red detailing or even a complete red dress! So, how brave are you? :)

Since this wedding theme is very exciting and different, consider keeping things a secret! Planning an unusual wedding can be like creating a sculpture without knowing yet what your end result will be. Gift your guests with this unique surprise!

So what do you guys think? Are you rebellious enough to pull off such a seductive themed wedding? I am interested to hear your thoughts!

Well, like always, it has been a pleasure! Thank you for taking the time to check out my post! I am constantly working on new material, so like always, stay tuned! :)

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Lori M said...

I'm having a burlesque themed wedding this October! I'm doing purple and black instead of red, and I already have the little top hats. I need some suggestions for bridesmaid dresses though. Something affordable!