Thursday, February 6, 2014

{Wedding Planning 101} Popularity in Destination Weddings

{Written by Jessica Davis, Photo Credit: Monkey Tree Photography}

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We have seen an increase of couples choosing destination weddings over local weddings and it's not surprising to see why.  Destination weddings provide an enjoyable experience for friends and family in amazing settings with an unbelievable backdrop. With the rise in popularity, many resorts and cruises are making it easier for couples by offering packages exclusively for wedding parties.  Offering an onsite resort coordinator to help with the wedding planning process abroad is a huge appeal for couples.  However, a word to the wise, a couple looking to host a destination wedding must start planning with plenty of time, so please don't feel you can wait to book at the last minute.  Couples will have greater success if they start planning as soon as possible.

We've provided you with some food for thought when planning your destination wedding:

Location is by far the most important aspect when planning your destination wedding. Your wedding location will depend on not only, you as a couple, but also how much your budget can handle. Some of the most popular destinations are beach locations in Mexico, the Caribbean and Hawaii; however, some couples forego the beaches and travel to Europe for something more dramatic and historic.
Have your budget from the beginning. Figure out how much you are willing to spend and which area will receive the greatest funding. Contact a travel agent and see what packages are available while also contacting the hotel individually. You can compare each one and see which one offers the most while saving some money.

Guest List
Destination weddings are usually designed for a smaller guest count, which allows for a more intimate setting for the couple.  You want to ensure to send out Save the Dates at least eight months in advance to allow your guests plenty of time to make travel arrangements, take time off from work, etc. 

Weather & Time
Weather plays a huge factor on your special please consult with an almanac when selection your destination.  For example, we've had clients insistent on wanting to get married in the Caribbean in the summer...not realizing this is hurricane season.  Something else to consider, your destination's peak travel time, which will impact your budget drastically.

Laws & Regulations
Each country has their own set of laws and procedures.  To ensure a swift and pleasant experience, please be sure you become familiar with any regulations and laws.  Nothing is more frustrating than arriving to your destination and learning you can't go through with any of your plans.

To ensure a more pleasant experience, we strongly recommend you seek the assistance of an experienced destination wedding planner, allowing you more time to enjoy the wedding planning experience!  Happy planning!!!
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Richard Farward said...

Wedding at beach is a most beautiful environment. I like it.

Dustin Maxwell said...

Yes. I completely agree with that. Destination weddings are fast becoming the new trend in the wedding industry. Going off to another place and getting married in a spectacular location is really appealing and very dreamy.

Dustin Maxwell

Brian Cardinal said...

Destination weddings are really the new in thing in weddings now. Can I just say that you raised some very valid points on this post? Yes, I completely agree that if one is going for a destination wedding, a lot of planning must be done beforehand to make sure that everything is perfect for the wedding ceremony, such as the place, weather, ambiance, etc. :)

Brian Cardinal @ KCiande


Thank you everyone for your comments and thank you for being a follower of our blog!

Clive Buck said...

Nothing can be more special than the vow renewal. I also want to surprise my partner with a small celebration. I am also looking for good venues where I can enjoy the day.


That is so wonderful Clyde! Please let us know if we can assist in your destination wedding planning journey! :)